One Sentence Persuasion MP3

The One Sentence Persuasion Report: 27 Words to Make the World Do Your Bidding

An updated and expanded version of Blair Warren's One Sentence Persuasion Course - 27 Words to Make the World Do Your Bidding.

It's like swallowing a "persuasion pill"

If there's a faster, easier way to learn persuasion, I've never heard of it.

What do you get when you try to squeeze the most powerful principles of persuasion and influence into a single sentence?

You get my highly controversial, underground classic One Sentence Persuasion Course: 27 Words to Make the World Do Your Bidding.

While there are countless resources on persuasion - I know, I've studied a truckoad of them - this course captures the essense of these materials and delivers them in an easy-to-digest, easy-to-remember format.

This updated and expanded audio version will arm you with some of the most powerful persuasion principles around. And in just 60 minutes you'll be able to remember them - and profit from them - for the rest of your life.

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